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Statistics checks

25/06/2024 10:55:36 45.00 19.51 6.18 Eircom Limited
25/06/2024 09:46:40 99.61 4.38 3.52 Vodafone UA
25/06/2024 09:39:53 271.58 3.98 0.58 ComClark Network & Technology Corp
25/06/2024 08:00:22 133.91 1.44 2.14 Asia Consultancy Group
25/06/2024 07:58:38 133.84 2.13 2.16 Asia Consultancy Group
25/06/2024 07:57:50 165.41 0.80 2.55 Asia Consultancy Group
25/06/2024 06:39:13 49.80 17.65 8.58 Provider 36884 Wana Corporate
25/06/2024 04:32:29 60.30 35.57 33.25 MOBISNET ltd.
25/06/2024 02:58:24 239.73 11.94 55.91 Microsoft Corporation
25/06/2024 02:52:11 109.25 4.43 14.83 Halasat FTTX
25/06/2024 02:49:18 125.51 21.83 147.08 ZSCALER, INC.
25/06/2024 02:39:48 98.25 0.68 5.21 Halasat FTTX
24/06/2024 22:08:45 184.00 30.98 3.02 TT DOTCOM SDN BHD
24/06/2024 22:05:48 241.27 0.77 0.64 TT DOTCOM SDN BHD
24/06/2024 21:45:47 289.55 16.52 8.84 TT DOTCOM SDN BHD

We measure the Internet correctly

Many high-speed Internet providers recommend measuring the connection speed on their official sites. Do not trust these services, as they measure the speed of data transmission to the first server of their network. It is best to measure the speed of your communication channel by a third-party, independent service. Experts recommend using the site

How to check the Internet speed on the site

On the initial page of the resource, the user immediately sees the «Check» data and getting the speed value. Do not rush to press the button immediately. The speedcheck service by default offers to transfer data from your computer to measure speed to a geographically closest server, often the same Internet provider.

You need to click on the link « Change server» and choose a provider other than your provider, preferably in another city (for example, if the user lives in Washington - you need to select, for example, a server in Los Angeles of another Internet service provider). After that you should click on the button «Check» and get the result of internet testing. It is important to note that the true performance can be determined when the computer is directly connected to the local network, and the wireless connection can underestimate the test results.

How can I decode the speed test data?

The browser window shows the measurement results in three indicators:

  1. Ping (Ping) – value in milliseconds and indicates the server response time when sending packets to it. The smaller the ping value, the better the communication channel works.
  2. Download – megabits per second, the speed of data transfer to the user's computer. Theoretically, it should correspond to the declared rate of the tariff.
  3. Upload (); – rate of data transfer from a computer to a remote provider. Always less than the download value, but not much different from it. This indicator is especially important if the user regularly sends large packets of information from himself to the Internet (uploads data to the cloud, photos and videos to social networks, etc.).